23rd October 2014 Written by Sharon Ensor

Image: Sharon Ensor.The NHS Confederation has produced a well-balanced and well referenced declaration.If you are looking for a speedy update, with signposting to recent research on the current issues facing health and care, this is as good a place as any to start.Maybe you are looking for a politically neutral view to make your decision on which party best reflects what you think needs to happen in healthcare over the next parliament.

Whatever your political persuasion we all want our taxes spent wisely and managed as efficiently as possible when used for delivering the highest quality care.Next year we will see a General Election in May and the political parties will be preparing and presenting their policies on health and care til 2020.The NHS Confederation and partners sets out the Seven Challenges as they see it.Not surprisingly ‘workforce’ is one of those. The Challenge stops short of diktat, policy or solutions but I will be using the Manifesto Challenges to litmus test the policies of any party campaigners that call at my door.

The section on workforce says little about the Band 1-4 workforce other than ‘Support roles will also need to develop so that compassionate care can be provided across the boundary of health and social care’.However the NHS Confederation report does summarise the challenges with underpinning evidence but without the rhetoric that often accompanies the emotive debates on how we provide health and social care for you, yours, me, and mine. Has it got the workforce challenge about right? Follow up on http://www.nhsconfed.org/resources/2014/09/the-2015-challenge-manifesto-a-time-for-action

View the 2015 challenge manifesto.