How do Employers, HEIs and FE providers plan for the Bridging Programme?

Use the Planner to make a quick self-assessment of your readiness to help your organisation form, or get involved in a Bridging Programme partnership - and identify work to be done.

View and download the Bridging Programme Planner here.

How to put the Bridging Programme in place

Use the Planner to:

  • Talk through high level plans inside your own organisation and with potential Bridging Programme partners
  • And - once you know in principle that you have a partnership and you can commit – use the Planner to help plan implementation.

The Bridging Programme Planner covers:

  • The minimum requirements for a partnership
  • How the Bridging Programme can help you realise your development plan for the healthcare support workforce
  • What an employer should expect from a HE provider
  • Who can offer the Bridging Programme qualification
  • What you should consider in selecting an Awarding Organisation