Chapter 5


So you’ve set up your social media channels, but now what? One thing to include in your strategy and rules for engagement is what sort of content your accounts will be focus on, and where you can source that information.

Things I’m going to talk about Where I can get that information from
News Stories from your website, and stories in your local/regional news that relates to your work
Stories from your organisation Linking with members of your organisation to tell real stories about their work
Relevant information from other organisations What are your stakeholders saying? Make sure you are sharing their information, so when you ask them to share yours they are more likely to do so
Events Events that your organisation is running, that your staff are taking part in, or external events that are of interest
Key awareness days Map these out for the year and build messages around them for your organisation
Understand what works best on each platform

It’s important to know that different platforms prefer you to create and use different forms of content. As a general rule, for an engaging post you should try and post things with;

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Links
Image: Barry Lee-Potter.

“One of my early lessons in social media was 'in order to learn about how this all works, you have to actually start' rather than being a wallflower. Organisations looking to up their game need to empower their staff to get involved, particularly team members who may already be familiar with these platforms and possess the skills and knowledge needed to use them effectively. It’s important to harness the strengths of the team.”

Barry Lee-Potter, Director of Marketing and Communications, Skills for Care



Image: Clock.This will be dependant on your audience, and you can find this information in your insights or using free tools like FollowerWonk.

However, a good rule to play by is asking yourself when you use social media – and when others around you use it. Most social media users will look:

  • On their commute to work
  • At lunch
  • On their commute home
  • During a popular or talked about TV programme
  • In the evening between 8pm and 11pm




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In short: In February 2016, Skills for Health launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of the vital role the support workforce play in the healthcare sector. The campaign kick-started with a video that detailed the significance of the support roles in providing patient care, along with a campaign hashtag to encourage the public to thank the staff for the work they do. Skills for Health achieved over 100,000 views of the video and received the support of over 30 trusts and healthcare organisations across the UK. This has led to the creation of the inaugural Our Health Heroes Awards.