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Apprenticeship Service

The National Skills Academy for Health runs an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) which supports employers who are considering taking on an apprentice.  The service is available for employers across the health sector – large or small.

The ATA gives practical help to employers who want to benefit from taking on an apprentice without the bureaucracy.

If any of the following sound familiar to you, then talk to the Academy’s Apprenticeship Training Agency:

  • I’m worried about the workload of taking on apprentice
  • What if circumstances change and we are unable to retain the apprentice?
  • I’m not sure an apprentice will make much of a difference to my team
  • We’re only a small organisation, how can we justify the investment?

  • Apprenticeship Training Agency - benefits for employers

    • The ATA saves employers, especially small and medium sized ones, the bureaucracy of selecting and recruiting an apprentice
    • It manages the coordination of issues relating to the apprentice and eliminates the HR and training burden for you
    • Your Local Skills Coordinator will help you find the best training provider in your area who offers the right Apprenticeship programme
    • Help with sourcing public funding to support your apprentice’s training costs
    • Resources that will help you make a business case for taking on an apprentice
    • The Academy manages the contract with the apprentice outlining expectations and obligations
    • If you are unable to retain the apprentice, the ATA will do all it can to find alternative and appropriate employment for the apprentice so they can continue with their Apprenticeship
    • The ATA offers real flexibility to the delivery of a high quality Apprenticeship. For example, where employers may not be able to offer all aspects of a framework, we can link them with other host employers which allows the full range to be covered.

    There are benefits for the apprentice too

    • The ATA gives another route into an Apprenticeship with the opportunity to experience a range of employers and increased security around the continuation of their Apprenticeship
    • The Academy will act as a go-between to ensure the apprentice is getting a good quality training experience
    • People at the Academy have supported hundreds of successful apprenticeships. Yours could be next.

Thinking of taking on apprentice? What’s in it for you?

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